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    Is there a way to remove a shipping service under a certain price?

    I want to add a new service, but this shipping service will only be available over a certain order value. At the moment I can't see how to do this as all I can do is add an additional price for orders under this price.

    So basically

    0 - 50 is simply not available for any price

    Over 50 gives the option of delivery choice.

    I am aware something can be done with weight, but am unwilling to edit all the products to do this.

    The problem seems to be the "Up to" value, and really needs a "From" value as well.

    Many thanks


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    I don't think anything can be done with price & shipping methods other than "free over X value".

    I looked into tying value up to shipping method (along the lines of method 1 >x & method 2 <x) to limit orders over a certain value to signed / confirmed services only but didn't get anywhere.

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