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    Anybody in here got a normal PPI account with Royal Mail?

    The Royal Mail website said that paperwork is now to be handed over separately rather than put in the sack.
    Both the local PO's I use just gave me a blank look and asked what do I do with this so I phoned the RM helpline to be told that it was only signed for mail that you had to do this with.

    This isn't clear on the RM website so I tweeted them to be told it was all mail !!

    Is anybody clear about this?
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    I've always put the paperwork in the Yellow Documents envelope which I then attach to the outside of the first sack (along with the PPI tag.)

    Funnily enough the guy doing the walk through for the new DMO service did say something about putting it in the sack and marking the tag with a P for paperwork but he wasn't very clear so I've stuck with the way I've always done it.

    I figure my way they can scan the paperwork at whatever point they like.

    A bit like you, I drop my bags off the the local delivery office but they go straight into the Red X PPI trolleys that are waiting their so I never have to deal with anyone.

    If you get your mail collected then I'm pretty sure the paperwork is supposed to be outside the bag so the guy collecting it can scan it there and then.

    I'll also be interested to hear what the 'correct' procedure is supposed to be for cases like ours. At the end of they day though, as long as it goes out then I'm happy for them to sort out what they do with the paperwork and when.

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      I noticed this in the Royal Mail March 2016 Information Update.

      General Services

      We are changing how account (PPI) mail should be presented at Post Office branches

      From 29th March 2016 the way that account (PPI) mail must be presented at Post Office branches and Royal mail acceptance points will change.

      For the safety and security of your ail, you must personally hand over your mail to a member of staff at the Post Office branch or Royal Mail acceptance point, along with the completed Online Business Account (OBA) sales order or Posting Cheque and any other relevant documentation.

      For further information about this change visit

      These changes will take effect from 29th March.
      Which I guess is quite clear.

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