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Computer problem nothing to do with Sellerdeck

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    Computer problem nothing to do with Sellerdeck

    Hi Folks

    Have one of my old company computers that will not recognise the wifi a realtex one that is brand new

    The computer running windows 7 professional was used to connect to a windows 2003 server by Ethernet and never used wifi

    In network settings you cannot turn on the wifi

    It looks like something is killing the wifi from working, help does not give a solution and latest drivers installed and correct for w7, win 8 etc

    Have Kaspersky on the computer but have turned that off and also Kaspersky showing in device network settings

    Could it be a firewall problem?

    Any suggestions welcomed
    Chris Ashdown

    It does have wifi available?

    Not all PCs come with wifi - in that case you need to buy a USB adapter
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      Yes it came with wifi board attached, it had the same problem so I removed it and installed a new usb model but the same problem

      It definatly looks like something is switched off in Windows 7 pro
      Chris Ashdown


        One of the things you could try to determine if it's a Windows problem or not would be to burn a Linux "live" distro to a CD / DVD. Modern Linux has most drivers built-in so it should find your hardware OK. You can boot and run entirely from the CD so no changes needed to your fixed disks. If Linux sees the wi-fi then you've narrowed it down to being purely a Windows problem.
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