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    Looking for new hosting


    Just thinking about starting a new site with my V16.0.3 just a simple small site to see how it goes

    Looking for hosting with someone who does not change the setup without informing the customers, don't think i can afford dedicated this time, but not looking for the cheapest but the more reliable, history seems to put me off 1to1

    Don't remember is Sellerdeck still does not like windows or not, know it was a early problem when i started in 2003 but things may have changed

    Think with Fixed IP and SSL i would be looking about the 25 per month area

    Any Suggestions please

    PS whats the going price for a header image these days. Yes I know its a open question , but probably the lower price simple drawing and name
    Chris Ashdown

    Have a look at SellerDeck compatible and inexpensive.
    Norman -
    Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


      another one for host-it, very good for me with no issues


        Yes, Host-It

        I have moved some of my sites from 1&1 to Host-it (Sellerdeck option) and are putting all new sites with Host-It. They supply the web settings for your site ready to simply import, which is great. None of the problems that I had with 1&1, helpful people, good service, smaller business, local.



          Another thumbs up for Host-it.

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            Some time ago I recall Norman posting details of how he successfully moved a client's site from (I think) 1&1 to Host-It. It included detailed steps. I've looked but can't find the post.

            We've just done the migration this week. It's gone well.

            There are however minor issues involving callbacks to the website not happening, and payments from Sellerdeck Payments and Global Iris going into Payment Pending.

            As there's nowhere in the software to input the return urls, does anyone know how to get this problem sorted?

            I have an open support ticket with Sellerdeck and have spoken to Global Iris. No solution so far. Global Iris have the new IP address and the return url.

            PayPal is working correctly.
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              We have used the service offered by Jonathan Chappell for several years now. Very reasonably priced and always picks the phone up if you need to call him.