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John Ennals 22-Oct-2017 10:43 AM

SD Payments from Turkey

Can anybody shed light on this please?

It appears that my customers in Turkey are no longer able to pay via SellerDeck Payments. It sounds as though their browsers are hanging instead of transferring to the SD Payments site.

I believe PayPal is no longer available in Turkey due to recent government restrictions, and I am wondering if the same thing is affecting SD Payments? It would be useful to know if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.

I've raised a ticket with SD but short of visiting Turkey I'm not sure they'll be able to replicate the problem (although the annual support charge I pay would more than cover flights and accommodation...)


Air-Tech 24-Oct-2017 07:02 PM

We have been experiencing this for around 6 months or so & it's getting worse...

I don't know exactly what goes on in the background, but as far as I'm aware it ssome form of fiscal control that originates in Turkey - doesn't matter if funds are available, how clean the card is or which bank issued it - same result.... When there is an obvious issue & a batch of PSP pending orders from the same customer we will typically email the customer, explain the situation & offer bank transfer as a payment option.

The same thing is also happening with purchases originating from Greece, not quite as bad as Turkey, but not far away. We have even recently had envelopes containing GBP (by unregistered Airmail....) arrive unannounced with covering letters explaining what the customer would like to order!

Edit to add - we also contacted support regards this, response was that the PSP side of things was working without error & no further info provided..

John Ennals 24-Oct-2017 07:44 PM

As I understand it the Turkish government has been blocking access to sites that store personal details on servers that are located in other countries.

Support are contacting Creditcall to see if they can confirm whether their servers - and therefore SD Payments - are being blocked in this way, so if they get an answer I'll post it here.

I also read somewhere that bank transfers are very expensive in Turkey, not sure whether this is true. I guess Western Union might be an alternative to suggest to customers.


John Ennals 31-Oct-2017 11:13 AM

FWIW, Creditcall have replied that they are not aware of their service being blocked in Turkey.

Air-Tech 31-Oct-2017 10:11 PM

That's along the lines of the response I got as well, a "no problem here" type of answer - you would think that even if the problem wasn't the PSP's that they would at least have an idea of what the issue is?

I'm not so sure about ofshore servers storing personal data being correct though as all the customer data from unconfirmed orders is there / recorded.

I've asked a few known customers (known before this issue) what's happening at their end when this occurs & the consensus seems to be that the PSP page loads fine, card details are entered without any issue, but when then the pay / submit / go is clicked the browser just goes to a blank hung page. It's like card details going to an ofshore PSP are detected & then blocked, but I'm struggling to understand how this can happen from the Turkish end over SSL.

My only though is that responses to specific url's (PSP's) are prevented, but I dont really have a clue... Anyone got a better understanding of SSL / connections that may be able to explain?

chris ashdown 01-Nov-2017 09:45 AM

Norman may be the best person to be able to answer this as I think he spend half the year in Turkey

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