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That's along the lines of the response I got as well, a "no problem here" type of answer - you would think that even if the problem wasn't the PSP's that they would at least have an idea of what the issue is?

I'm not so sure about ofshore servers storing personal data being correct though as all the customer data from unconfirmed orders is there / recorded.

I've asked a few known customers (known before this issue) what's happening at their end when this occurs & the consensus seems to be that the PSP page loads fine, card details are entered without any issue, but when then the pay / submit / go is clicked the browser just goes to a blank hung page. It's like card details going to an ofshore PSP are detected & then blocked, but I'm struggling to understand how this can happen from the Turkish end over SSL.

My only though is that responses to specific url's (PSP's) are prevented, but I dont really have a clue... Anyone got a better understanding of SSL / connections that may be able to explain?
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