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Google Products XML

Originally Posted by brucet View Post
Following upload you will find a local copy of the file in the SiteHTML folder, which is usually
C:\ProgramData\SellerDeck\SellerDeck 2016\Sites\SiteName\SiteHTML
where 'SiteName' is the name of the site in Sellerdeck Desktop
Thank you for this.

I have often wondered where the HTML files are located.

The "google-products.xml" is in a different format to the "data_feed.txt" file exported from SD2014.

Can this be manually uploaded to Google Merchant Centre and is it interpreted in the same way to satisfy Google Data Feed Specification requirements?

Please also see link to my other post #6 below:

I feel it would be helpful if you could respond to this also with the above quote as it answers the question raised there.

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