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Nice post webzavi. This is great advice for anyone looking for a strategy in getting a site ranking.

One minor thing - I think the statement below is a little misleading.

Originally Posted by webzavi View Post
Having a Google Adword campaign also boosts your organic search indexing. Having an Ad that is based on your name of business helps boost your SEO
I don't *think* you are trying to say that using Adwords will improve the ranking position of a site in Google, but this sentence perhaps gives that impression if someone is approaching SEO with no prior knowledge.

I agree that having an Adwords campaign will help in terms of putting your brand name in front of more people before you are necessarily ranking organically on page 1 for many terms. It can then encourage more brand searches from returning customers, which in turn might result in some positive impact on organic search performance.

In addition, if you are ranking on page 1 organically as well as appearing in Adwords positions then it gives you greater visibility on that first page and may well improve the changes of someone clicking on your link, rather than that of a competitor who only appears in either Adwords or organic positions.

However, Adwords and organic search are handled completely separately by Google. Having an Adwords campaign will not directly improve your organic search rankings. Adwords bots that crawl your landing page for quality are different bots than those which crawl for search indexing so I've seen little evidence that it will increase the speed of indexing - certainly the best option for quicker indexing would still be using the Fetch As Google tool in Search Console.

There are a great many positive reasons why any business should be using Google Adwords, but I have yet to see evidence to suggest that it gives anything other than minor, indirect improvements in any organic search performance.
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