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Old 09-Jul-2017, 12:46 PM
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Automatically create Sales Page with Discount Trigger

Hi All,

Not sure if this is possible, v16.03 Using filtrering pages can be created on the fly with a variable, is there a way of taking this further by automatically pulling in products if the discount goes over a certain percentage, I currently use the following code to work out the saving:

<actinic:block php="true" selectable="false">$rrp = <actinic:variable name="RRP" selectable="false" />;
				$rawprice = <actinic:variable name="ProductPriceRaw" selectable="false" />;
				// only display is we have an RRP and there's a saving to show
				if ( ($rrp != 0) && ($rrp > $rawprice) )
					$savepercent = round((($rrp - $rawprice) / $rrp) * 100);
					echo "save $savepercent%";
I think its probably a big ask but someone may have a solution, any help always greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks
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