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Old 27-May-2011, 09:14 AM
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Clicking the confirm button on my checkout, does not go to the payment screen

If you are finding after clicking the confirm button on your checkout, the page breaks and does not go to the payment screen, please see the solution below. This is most likely the result of an upgrade issue:

You will need Access 2000 or above in order to run this query in your SellerDeck database.

Run the following SQL query on your SellerDeck database:
  1. First make a backup of your site (File | Snapshot | Export Site)
  2. Also make a backup of your “Site1” folder, or the folder of the site you are currently using.
  3. Close down SellerDeck.
  4. Open Windows Explorer
  5. Browse to: C:\Program Files\Actinic v10\Sites\Site1* (Or the location of the “Site1” folder you are using)
  6. Open up “ActinicCatalog.mdb” in Access.
  7. Go to 'View | Database Objects | Queries
  8. Click 'New'
  9. Select 'Design' view
  10. Click 'close' on the 'Show Table' window
  11. Then go to 'View | SQL view'
  12. Copy and paste the SQL statement below into the page, replacing “SELECT;” if that is already in the page:

    PageTypes, Variable
    PageTypes.nOuterVar = Variable.nID,
    PageTypes.nInnerVar = Variable.nID
    (PageTypes.sName = "Online PSP Form") AND
    (Variable.sName = "Javascript PSP Submit Form")

  13. To run the query, go to 'Query | Run'
  14. Now close the SQL query Window
  15. Close the Access Database

Please note: This article is specific to upgrading to version 10 only.

* All versions after v11.03 will have a file path of 'C:\Program Files\SellerDeck xxxx'.
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