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Old 04-Aug-2010, 04:04 PM
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Why does my Reconciliation Report show my transactions as placed an hour earlier?

I am using the SellerDeck Payments Reconciliation Reports, but am not seeing the transactions I expect to, and the ones I do see are an hour in the past

The reason for this is because the reconciliation report in SellerDeck uses local time, where the payments show within the Online Account Administration website use Greenwich Mean Time, (GMT, otherwise known as UTC). During summer time the UK is in BST which is one hour ahead of GMT

This will most likely affect you if you are using the ‘Charge Transactions Immediately’ method.

To work round this problem, please do the following:
  1. Within ‘Operations | Reports | Payments’, click the ‘Add’ button, the ‘Add New Settlement Time’ dialogue will appear
  2. You may have a time, such as ‘05/08/2010 16:02:23’
  3. Change that time to be an hour in the past, so in the example above, you would enter 05/08/2010 15:02:23
  4. Do this each time you run a settlement report to ensure the correct range is reported on. You should only need to do this during BST
  5. When you print the report, you will notice that during BST, the transaction time is shown as an hour in the past, this is again due to the times on the report being recorded in GMT
Please also be aware that refunds will be recorded in local time, so please note this when running reports.

Also note that if you use SellerDeck Payments in ‘Pre-authorise transactions’ mode, then the times recorded will be local time, so you will not need to edit the time in the ‘Add New Settlement Time’ dialogue as displayed above.

We are planning to resolve this issue in a future release.
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