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Does SellerDeck send the weight of each product to GFS?

SellerDeck does not send the weight of each product to GFS, GFS does not need the information.

For international shipments GFS requires the weight of each package. For domestic shipments it requires only the overall weight of the whole consignment (ie the order).

SellerDeck will calculate the weight of the consignment, and of each package within it, based on the weight of the contents.

However both the package and consignment weights can be entered manually in SellerDeck, overriding the weights calculated by the software.

The shipping charged to the shopper will be based on the calculated weights, and the costs set up in the Zone/Class Tables tab in 'Settings | Business Settings | Shipping and Handling'. Provided the actual consignment weight, and (for overseas orders) the package weights, are entered manually before each consignment is committed, then these can be set up in any way that the merchant wants. They will not affect GFS at all.
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