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Old 30-Jan-2013, 11:15 AM
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Making Quick Search return a wider range of results, with the most relevant first

This article applies to sites upgraded from SellerDeck v11 or earlier to SellerDeck 2013 or later

By default, the Quick Search feature uses the AND operator when searching on multiple words. This has the effect that if you search, for example, for ‘diamond ring’, and the site has no diamond rings, then no results will be found.
In such cases you would probably prefer the OR operator to be used, so that if no diamond rings are found, the search will at least present other types of ring, and other products with diamonds.
In version 11 and earlier, however, this could result in the most relevant results (diamond rings) appearing low in the search results, because the results were presented in order of product reference. SellerDeck 2013 added two improvements to the search that make use of the OR operator much more desirable.

a. By default, results are now sorted in order of relevance. Products that match ‘diamond ring’ will appear higher in the list than those that match only ‘ring’ or ‘diamond’.

b. A new Auto Suggest feature offers search terms suggestions as you type. The suggestions are based on single words, not word combinations. If AND searching is used, it is possible to generate search suggestions that do not deliver any results.

In new SellerDeck 2013 sites, the OR operator is used automatically for Quick Search. It is very easy to make the same change in upgraded sites by simply changing one character in the Quick Search layout, as follows. Do make sure you take a backup of your site before making the change.
  1. Find the layout that contains the Quick Search code. Depending on your theme or customised design, it may be in the Outer Layout or in one of the layouts in the Quick Search Bar group in the Library.
    The simplest way to find the layout is to select ‘Split View’ in the Design tab, then click in the Quick Search bar in the preview:

  2. In the Layout Code window, scroll down until you find the following line of code:
    <input type="hidden" name="TB" value="A" />
  3. Now change the "A" in this line to "O":
    <input type="hidden" name="TB" value="O" />
  4. Click ‘Apply’ and upload your site.
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