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Sage Link Empty Profile Issue

If you receive an issue where you run the command ‘Re-Export to Files’ from SellerDeck and it opens SellerDeck to Sage Link with an empty profile even though you have created one already please do the following: -
  1. Open SellerDeck to Sage Link
  2. You should see on the main profile there is a ‘Source Directory’ go to this location. It should be something close to this “C:\Users\*UserName*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\SellerDeck Link\Sage Line 50\DataFiles\Source”
  3. Once you have this location open SellerDeck and go to 'Business Settings | Order Processing | Export Options'
  4. In each of these fields place the Directory just before the CSV listed so it will show as the following:
    C:\Users\*UserName*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\SellerDeck Link\Sage Line 50\DataFiles\Source\<filename>.csv
  5. Press ‘OK’ once you have done all this.
  6. Then try Re-Export to Files once this is all complete.
If the issue persists please do the following; NOTE: It will involve re-creating your Sage Link profile:
  • Take screenshots of all the tabs within SellerDeck to Sage Link
  • Disable User Account Control (UAC)
You can disable UAC by doing the following, 'Start | Control Panel | Users | Manage User Account Control Settings' and Drag this bar to the bottom and press ‘OK’. Restart PC then Re-install SellerDeck Link and re-create the profile
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