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Old 01-Dec-2015, 05:53 PM
Daveb Daveb is offline
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Shipping Supplement

We have a problem with the "SHIPPING SUPPLEMENT" only once per order. on the product details page.
We use this when shipping flammable product.
There is a additional cost per parcel. and it is usually shipped in a case of 4 gallons.
As it stands, if the box is ticked, the supplement is applied only once per order.

Can the logic be changed to "Once per case of ____" as opposed to "Once per order"?

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Old 16-Dec-2015, 01:53 PM
chickenhouseman chickenhouseman is offline
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I have products that would normally go by post according to weight but need to be shipped by carrier as they are chemical. I adjust the shipping weight so it falls into the correct price slot. You can also use the ship separately and weight combined to adjust the shipping price. It doesn't quite do what you are asking but with a little fiddling you can probably get the price closer to what you need it to be than using the shipping or handling charges.

Another way might be to add say 1000kg to the weight of each item that need extra handling so it took it way outside your normal shipping table and created a shipping table just for those items.

So if your 5 kg tube changed to 1005kg you would have a shipping band for say 1005-1006kg of standard charge plus surcharge. 2010kg-2011kg would be the cost of shipping 2 contains plus the surcharge. All you'd really need to do is make sure the special weight you are using is way outside the weight of a normal order.
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Old 05-Jan-2016, 04:18 PM
mash mash is offline
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You could use a hidden product to cope with this,
  1. Make a hidden product with surplus price you want
  2. Add a component to the products you need to have this surplus applied, with a suitable name
  3. Select check box 'component as separate order line' if you want it to be sown up separately in shopping basket
  4. Select price model > sum of product and compnent price
  5. On the componet select associated product, and select the hidden product

If the price is per box, say 5, then each box ordered you will have 5 added too. If it is 5 per all the boxes, you will have to price profile of the hidden product to set up 5 for 1, 2.50 for 2 etc. That is where it gets messy.

Hope it helps.

Thanks Mash
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