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PayPal TLS 1.2 Requirement - June 2017


Lots of info on the subject in these forums and others, but I can't find any matching my situation.

Starting from the beginning. The issue is this:

Sellerdeck is fine we are told - as I am running 16.02

But my server is not - I am running Centos 5.11 on my server (EOL I know, but upgrading is a difficult job that I would rather not tackle right now) with OpenSSL 0.9.8.

I can't overwrite the default OpenSSL install as I am told that breaks lots of stuff in the OS, so I followed the instructions here:

to install a second version in /local. I linked a version of curl to the new version of SSL, and now I can complete the paypal test using my local version of curl:
curl: (35) Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to
But, of course the Sellerdeck scripts use Perl, not Curl to make the calls and A) I can't find much help on how to upgrade the perl modules to use TLS 1.2 and B) I can't find any way of running the test using the same Perl modules to assure myself it will all work.

Re A.

1 - Paypal put together some detailed info, but it doesn't cover Perl (

2 - Looking through the Sellerdeck code I only see a 'require' for Net::SSL, which I have now upgraded using cpan (which also upgraded Crypt::SSLeay):
cpan[2]> install Net::SSL Crypt::SSLeay
Net::SSL is up to date (2.86).
Crypt::SSLeay is up to date (0.72).
but as I understand it they use the underlying system OpenSSL version, and hence I don't believe that will solve my problem.

3 - so I think I need to compile my own Net::SSL against my /local version of OpenSSL, Is that true? If so I have some pointers here:

Re B.

1 - Mike put together some test code - but that uses PHP and Curl, not Perl - so not a realistic test in my understanding? (

2 - I found some Perl based test code, but it uses LWP::UserAgent, not Net::SSL, so I don't think that is fully realistic? (

Is there any test code that uses exactly the same Perl modules and calls as the main Sellerdeck code does?

Thanks very much

FYI, the 'Troubleshooter' now shows me:

Digest::MD5 2.36
ActEncrypt1024 Not installed
Exporter 5.58
File::Temp 0.2304
LWP::UserAgent 6.26
Crypt::SSLeay 0.72
CGI 3.15
CGI::Carp 1.29
Archive::Zip Not installed
Net::SSL 2.86
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