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Old 07-Oct-2013, 02:53 PM
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Filtering settings: “Where Properties Have Value” keep changing.

If you are using SellerDeck 2013 (12.0.2), you could find that the settings you have selected under Filtering | “Where Properties Have Value”, keep changing.

This is a known bug in 12.0.2 (Bug reference: SD-2639)

The current workaround for this problem is as follows:

If you are about to close your SellerDeck software, import a snapshot, or change site, make sure you have selected a brochure page in the content tree of the software, and also turned the page preview off. To do this, see below:
  1. In SellerDeck, go to the “Content” tab
  2. In the “Content tree” click on the “Home” icon (Which looks like a house).
  3. Turn off the page preview, go to the “Window” drop down list, and untick “Page Preview.
This should ensure the filtering settings you enter are not lost, when closing the software, creating a snapshot, or switching sites.

If the problem continues after doing the above, please contact SellerDeck support.
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