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Old 03-Jan-2011, 02:11 PM
Confused Sally Confused Sally is offline
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Full Name: Sally White
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Wish List request

Option to increase the price of an item by percentage, at moment can only increase by amount, this facility would be good as both a global action or for individual items
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Old 11-Jan-2011, 07:12 PM
Confused Sally Confused Sally is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Full Name: Sally White
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Another Wishlist request

Barcode should be displayed / available for insertion, on product screen of buisness, whether or not EPOS is linked
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Old 11-Jan-2011, 11:29 PM
ton ton is offline
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Full Name: Tara O'Neill
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This might be a stupid one but I would find this VERY useful:

Id like to know the minimum sale price of an item when I look at the individual product information screen.

Basically the Cost price Including vat

A couple reasons for wanting this:
-with some products it helps us calculate what is the minimum we need to charge.
-It would help with over the phone/counter price negotiations.
-On some occasions we sell items at cost so this price would have to include vat (selling off an item, selling to a friend)

A simple thing that would save a lot of calculator time that I always get wrong when Im under pressure with someone on the end of the phone or standing next to me looking for a price straight away

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Old 12-Jan-2011, 05:08 PM
BoboMonkey BoboMonkey is offline
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Full Name: Bodin
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Pole display

Many users have asked for this in the past but the issue has not yet been addressed!

With the actinic supplied pole display:

- 0.00 manual price entry does not display (cash sale, etc.)
- multiple item quantities do not display
- change due to customer, time displayed is too short

Please sort these out for the next update
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Old 16-Mar-2011, 09:22 AM
fireworkstore fireworkstore is offline
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Full Name: Rob Biglands
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Would really like the option in reporting to report by individual department rather than all of them. Very limited reporting using any department reference.
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Old 19-Apr-2011, 07:58 PM
scodon scodon is offline
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Full Name: Scott Donaldson
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Thumbs up User Time-out

I would like to see, and presumably others would like:
  • The ability to set a time-out for logged in users so that it re-locks after a period of inactivity to avoid accidental permission issues. Locked screen savers may prevent customers interfering with EPOS but lack of login prompt leads to potential exposure of credentials.
  • The ability to discount by value not just percentage.
  • The ability to discount by decimal percentage, required as we use penny code items that need to be discounted to create stock movements.

Otherwise its been very well recieved by the team.

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Old 21-Jun-2011, 06:57 PM
Confused Sally Confused Sally is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Full Name: Sally White
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Is it possible to create customisable reports? so I could choose what information is shown, not just the dates?
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Old 20-Sep-2011, 01:15 PM
DavidAM DavidAM is offline
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Full Name: David A-M
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My Mini Wishlist for EPOS

1. Ability to resize columns in various search/lookup screens.
2. Ability to suppress receipt printing "on the fly" from within the sales screen if a customer doesn't want a receipt. e.g. very small value transactions.
3. Button within the lookup facility on the sales screen to provide a quicklink to the highlighted product within the Products screen.
4. Improved reporting and ticketing interface allowing own editing of reports and ticket layouts without the need for Crystal Reporting.
5. Customisable interface with more modern button shapings and effects suitable for windows 7.
6. Improved and simplified multibuy and promotions options. e.g. allowing a whole category of products to be included within a 3 for 2 deal as long as the same tax treatment.

No's 1 & 2 are my top wishes as these would make my life easier in my own business.
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Old 21-Mar-2012, 04:17 PM
NetCperson NetCperson is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2012
Full Name: Sue Keighley
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Anyone had problems uploading csv files into Epos 3.12?
All the products appear in the ‘Products’ section but we're unable to put them through as a sale. The sales screen turns red and the option to Pay disappears.
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Old 27-Jun-2012, 03:20 PM
JEFFgse JEFFgse is offline
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Full Name: j.soltani
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PLU Report on split Tendering

Can we have a PLU Report on split Tendering
Plu1 was sold on 27/06/2012 to 27/06/2012 300.00= 250 Cash + 40 CC + 10 CQ
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Old 17-Jul-2012, 03:05 PM
trimuser trimuser is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Full Name: John Watford
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Is EPOS ever going to be updated?????

Not so much wish list as necessary requirements for EPOS in the near or immediate future. I have actually stopped using this due to the incompatibility of this product with e-commerce.

Looking at this thread - Nothing has been updated for 3 years now!!! Can someone please post here if Sellerdeck have any intentions of upgrading the EPOS software??

1. Product names and section names need to be able to be the same length in both pieces of software. At present the e-commerce platform can have something like 125 characters for the product descriptions, but EPOS can only have 50 or something crazy like that, so when you import them into EPOS it kindly truncates then for you, meaning you have to rename all the products - Field name lengths are not mentioned in any literature for either software

2. EPOS can only go 4 section level deep. E-commerce can go as many as you want. Guess what happens when you have created a website and then decide to import into EPOS. It doesn't like it, and kindly decides not to import the extra sections

3. Search tables and viewable windows in EPOS are not resizable, meaning often information presented is unreadable. If you search for a product within EPOS and the products returned are a similar name ie Aluminium Safety Ladder 8ft in Brown, and also Aluminium Safety Ladder 6ft in Blue, then you will be presented with Aluminium Safety Ladde and will have to guess which line is which.

4. Customer accounts in EPOS are not related to Customer accoutns online. If a customer orders online and comes instore to pay, you cannot locate the order and then take payment. This is crazy.

There are tons more, but I am fed up of typing.

Basically, the EPOS software needs ditching and redesigning to work with Actinic V11 from scratch. It is a bought in piece of software that has been 'made to fit' as best as it can, and doesnt.It has not been updated in the 2 years I have owned it, and desperately need it
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Old 18-Jul-2012, 08:53 AM
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pmsupport pmsupport is offline
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Full Name: Paul Murphy
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Hi John,

Some of these features are already on the wishlist, so I have added an extra vote to them for you. I have also created new feature requests for those that were not on the list.

With regards to EPOS development, we are currently on EPOS 3.12 (Avalible to download here). The next release of EPOS is expected very soon and will contain a large amount of bug fixes. We cannot give an exact release date at present, but we expect it to be soon.

Paul Murphy
Operations Manager - SellerDeck
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Old 09-Aug-2012, 12:07 PM
ScottSax ScottSax is offline
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Not sure if anyone has mentioned these, but...

When you recall a transaction, you can alter it, even if it's the case of attaching it to a customer, so you can re-print the invoice with the customers name and address on it. - also including the chance to refund from the transaction.

Also, the "Void" button and action replaced with a "delete" instead, so instead of the customer getting a big "VOID" mark on the invoice where we've mucked up, it's just taken completely away.

Hope these can be added

EDIT: added more info to the recall transaction 09/08/2012 13:31
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Old 10-Sep-2012, 09:53 AM
ScottSax ScottSax is offline
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Full Name: Scott Jenkins
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Another request would be that you can have items in more than one promotion.

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Old 06-Oct-2012, 07:48 PM
Thehomebrewshop Thehomebrewshop is offline
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Full Name: adrian
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i would like to see

We been with actinic / Sellerdeck for many years from version 4 and did have 2 e-commerce sites ( now just 1 we just spent a fortune on a bespoke system ) but also been using the Epos for approx 6 years, i think we was one of very first to get it installed.

I would like to see a tax exempt all button, do you know how long it takes to vat exempt a 30 product order as each one has to be done separately

I think a button to increase stock holding by XX % and also decrease would be great, so during busy times you can increase orders or when things are bad during not so busy times

Why cant epos and e-commerce talk to each other by using the one click complete button in e-commerce. And the epos system produce a z report on the days sales completed, NOT have to use e-commerce report, we get lots of orders a day too many to process in 1 day, and dont want to epos reading all the data from the orders received until we process them but only the orders we have completed that day, ( i have told ian and phil about this all ready )

integration with pdq machines would also be great not using the module on the epos systems

I feel the greatest problem is communication between sellerdeck and customers making customers aware if new features in the software, not told by the help desk to read the manual or the release notes, this is not very helpful

Adrian Green
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