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Upgrading v8 & v9 to SellerDeck payments

Before doing the following changes please export a snapshot of your site.
  1. - Close your Actinic software
  2. - Open 'Notepad' as 'Administrator'
  3. - Open > browse to 'C:\Program Files\Actinic x\' **
  4. - Open the 'OCCUpgrade' folder
  5. - Change the file search from ‘Text Documents (*.txt)’ to ‘All Files (*.*) ‘
  6. - Open the 'OCCUpgrade.ini' file
  7. - Scroll down to [OCCProvider:950]
  8. - Change to the following,

    ProviderURL= ''
    DBProviderURL= ''
    AccountAdminURL= ''''

  9. - Scroll to the top of the .ini file, where it says 'number =' Increase this number by 1 (i.e 1545 to 1546).
  10. - Save and close the file.
  11. - Click here to download a zipped copy of the amended HTML response files.
  12. - Unzip the files
  13. - Open a file management program such as 'Windows Explorer'
  14. - Go to the 'OCCUpgrade' folder ('C:\Program Files\Actinic x\') **
  15. - Open the 'CommonOCC' folder
  16. - Copy the files that you extracted earlier ('Act_ActPayError.html & Act_ActPayOK.html') into this folder overwriting the existing files.
  17. - Close Windows Explorer.

If you are also using Actinic payments CNP/Moto you will need to make the following changes.

Prior to step 9. include the following steps: -
  1. - Scroll down to [OCCProvider:951]
  2. - Change to the following,

    ProviderURL= ''
    DBProviderURL= ''

** Where 'x' denotes the version of the software you are running.

Users of Version 8 and 9 also need to make the following change to make the bounce page reflect the updated payment name.
  • Browse to the site folder, usually Documents\{site}\CommonOCC\Act_OCCActPayTemplate.html
  • Open in a text editor, say Notepad.
  • Replace 'Actinic Payments' with 'SellerDeck Payments', note there will be 3 occurrences
  • Save and exit
  • Update the web site
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