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Google Analytics Ecommerce

Mornign everyone,

I have looked through various posts but cannot seem to find the correct actinic variables that google anayltics ecommerce. Some work and some generate a NETQUOTEVAR: VARIABLES for the values.

What variables are valid within the receipts page?

I have highlighted in red the variables that seems to generate a correct output.

The variable that I am using are as follows:


"<actinic:variable name="TheOrderNumber" />", // Order ID

"", // Affiliation

"<actinic:variable name="TextOrderTotal" />", // Total

"<actinic:variable name="Tax1" />", // Tax

"<actinic:variable name="Shipping" />", // Shipping

"<Actinic:Variable Name="InvoiceAddress3"/>", // City

"<Actinic:Variable Name="InvoiceAddress4"/>", // State

"<Actinic:Variable Name="DeliveryCountry"/>" // Country



"<actinic:variable name="TheOrderNumber" />", // Order ID

"<actinic:variable name="ProdRef" />", // SKU

"<actinic:variable name="ProductNameOnline" />", // Product Name

"<actinic:variable name="ContentCategory" />", // Category

"<actinic:variable name="Price" />", // Price

"<actinic:variable name="Quantity" />" // Quantity



} catch(err) {}</script>

Can anyone assist?


Lee Jackson
Creative Director

Centurius Design & Marketing
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