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Good morning World from Chris Ashdown

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  • Good morning World from Chris Ashdown

    Hi Folk

    Just thought i would log in and see whats happening with your guys

    I have retired since loosing Internet Workwear, and being unable to find anything worthwhile to sell, but always looking for the right product

    The forum seems very quite these days, I guess that means V18 is a winner so little problems arise

    Anyway good luck to you all and hope you all have a bumper year

    Chris Ashdown

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    The forum seems very quite these days
    Lots of familiar names have gone...
    Great to see you

    I guess that means V18 is a winner so little problems arise
    v18... I've encountered so many problems
    - never happened on previous releases... and I've never had to post so many here in the forum, ever, until now.

    At the moment, Sellerdeck advised not to install v18.01 and to wait for v18.02

    I only installed v18 to have 1 thing fixed... but that turned out to cause another problem... a worse one
    - waiting for support to get an answer from "development" for about 3 weeks...


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      Hi Chris,

      Nice to hear from you. I agree the forum is very quiet these days. Not sure why this is but on the whole I think Sellerdeck is a far more mature product than it once was and there are far fewer performance and stability issues than there used to be.

      I have a few niggles with V18 and there's the usual problem with partial implementations that seem to have been more of a 'box ticking' exercise than proper specifications but on the whole for day to day stuff V18 doesn't seem too bad.

      I'm afraid I can't help on the right product for selling online, I'm keeping them all to myself (as if).


      First Tackle - Fly Fishing and Game Angling



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        Hi Chris,

        Good to hear your OK, keep popping by. I hope your enjoying retirement. Cheers Duncan
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