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Sagelink v2.8.9 SNBE - a bug maybe?

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  • Sagelink v2.8.9 SNBE - a bug maybe?

    Windows 10, running sagelink as administrator, Sage version desktop version running on the same machine as sagelink

    Having an issue with latest version of sagelink export to sage not logging into sage from the process files button.

    Files are present, click the process files button and error occurs 'Unable to create Sage Data Objects engine (v0)' then 'Unable to connect to Sage Database'

    Workaround is to go into the edit profile option and click 'Connect to Sage', wait until its connected, then go back to process files, which will now work.

    Its irritating though, this happens on our existing machine we run Sage on and also a new machine with a fresh install of both Sage and SageLink.

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    I have exactly the same issue. Updated to Sage v25.1 last night (from v23) and received the 'Unable to create Sage Data Objects engine (v0)' error when trying to export orders.

    I called SellerDeck this morning and it's a confirmed bug with Sage Link v2.8.9 SNBE.

    The workaround is fine, but as multiple people in my company process orders in Sellerdeck I can see that someone may easily click the wrong button and inadvertently cause other problems with the Link profile settings.

    Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks.


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      I am also experiencing this problem, and stumbled across the same workaround, although it hasn't always worked. Good to know it is a bug and I'm not going mad. Would also appreciate a quick fix please.
      Jeff Nurse
      Managing Director

      Aerofoil Design
      Office Design & Furniture Solutions