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Purge Deleted Orders with Date option

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  • Purge Deleted Orders with Date option

    Just had a call from a customer regarding his cancelled order...
    - his Paypal was charged on the cancelled order.
    - we use pre-authorise, so it's unusual for this to happen
    - it should not be charged, we only charge on despatch.

    The order/cancellation was a few weeks ago and was marked for deletion

    But, we've recently purged deletions so we cannot see the deleted order (without reverting to a backup)
    - if it wasn't purged, we can undelete and check the payment status to verify this query.

    It would be nice to have an option to purge deleted orders older than "x" days...
    "x" being a number I can choose...

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    Have you checked PaYPal that the payment actually took place and they are not just thinking you have their dosh
    Chris Ashdown


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      Yes, I checked whilst having the customer on the phone.

      Receipts are set on "pre-authorise" mode
      so payment status should be = "pending" waiting for us to "capture"

      Paypal receipt for this customer had the option to "refund",
      so we must have charged it in error. I refunded it immediately.

      It would be nice to have verified this on that deleted order.


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        A customer just called chasing their order... and we could not find it.
        I'm guessing it was accidentally deleted, and we had a purge on the orders this morning... so it's now gone.
        - I could revert to a backup, but from a test I did, Sellerdeck can't import orders in a append mode - it's either all "copied & replaced" or "nothing" << maybe another one for the wish list

        We can commit the payment as it was pre-authorised via Sellerdeck Payments, and the order we can re-construct from the order confirmation email.

        I really wish the "purge order" have a date option. eg . purging orders, we would only purge orders older than a month.
        - can include "purge emails" too... purging emails older than 1 year would be nice and reduce an mdb file + helps performance...