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How to import the product Country of Origin and Trade Tariff Code into Sellerdeck

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    How to import the product Country of Origin and Trade Tariff Code into Sellerdeck

    These instructions assume that you have upgraded to Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.5 or higher, or have manually added the CountryOfOrigin and/or the TradeTariffCode variables as required.

    1. Download the sample CSV file:
    This file shows the format and the minimum product content that is needed for the import.

    2. To create your import file you can either:

    a. Delete the sample product from this file and add your own product rows; or:

    b. Create your own CSV product file with the same columns, and copy and paste the three header rows from the sample file.

    Your file must be in comma-separated format and each product row must contain four columns as follows:

    Column A – the word ‘Product’
    Column B – the Product Reference
    Column C – the Short Description
    Column D – the Country of Origin
    Column E – the Trade Tariff Code

    IMPORTANT: If you use Excel to create a new file, make sure you save it in format ‘CSV (Comma delimited)’ and NOT ‘CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)’.

    Duplicate products are not reset automatically on importing. You should either include them explicitly in the file, or Reset Duplicates manually for each Original product after import.

    3. Make sure that every Country of Origin in the CSV file is listed under the Values tab of the Country of Origin variable (Design > Library > Variables > Product > CountryOfOrigin > Values). Add any that are missing.

    IMPORTANT: The spelling AND the case must match exactly.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Import-1.png Views:	10 Size:	52.9 KB ID:	553651

    4. Take a full snapshot and/or a database backup of your site before proceeding. A mistake could corrupt or delete your whole product catalogue!

    5. From the Sellerdeck ‘File’ menu, select ‘Import’.

    6. Select ‘Hierarchical Import’ and click ‘Next’.

    7. Click ‘Browse’, browse to your import file and select it.

    8. VERY IMPORTANT: select ‘Update’. Do NOT select ‘Replace’.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Import-2.png Views:	14 Size:	7.8 KB ID:	553647

    9. Click ‘Next’. The ‘Map fields’ screen should show all three product fields ticked:

    10. Click ‘Finish’.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Import-3.png Views:	10 Size:	5.0 KB ID:	553649

    11. Check that the new details have been added for your products, and upload.
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