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Adding Two Tax Rates For EU Countries (Sellerdeck Desktop)

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    Adding Two Tax Rates For EU Countries (Sellerdeck Desktop)

    If you are selling products that attract different tax rates, and you have tax configured separately for different EU countries, then your product prices must be entered Exclusive of Tax and your tax settings must be configured that way; and you must set up your tax rates for each Country in 'Settings | Business Settings | Tax', as follows:
    1. Add a new Tax for each country eg ‘Germany VAT’
    2. Add the Tax Rates that are appropriate for your products
    3. Make sure the Country is not in any existing Tax Zone
    4. Add a new Tax Zone eg ‘Germany’, click ‘Edit Zone’ and add the Country as a Zone Member
    5. Click ‘OK’
    IMPORTANT: Set the new Tax that you created as the ‘Tax Levied’ for the zone, *

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    For products that do not use the standard tax rate, the tax must be changed for each individual product as follows:
    1. Select the product in the Content Tree.
    2. Select the ‘Details’ sub-tab of the Product Details
    3. For each Tax, eg ‘Germany VAT’, select the appropriate Tax Rate for the product

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