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    Google Maps Integration

    From SellerDeck 2014 onwards, a new Google Maps integration has been added. If you would like to set up the Google Maps integration please see instructions below:
    1. Find a map of your location using maps:
    2. Once you have found the location
    3. Select the Cogwheel in the bottom right.

    4. Select ‘Share and embed map’

    5. Select ‘Embed map’ (1), you will then be able to change size of the map (2) then you will see the code you need to Copy (CTRL+C or Right Click & Copy) (3)

    6. Once you have the code copied go into the SellerDeck software.
    7. Go to 'Settings | Business Settings | Compact/Contact'
    8. At the bottom of this window will be a field to paste the code in (1) , you can also select which pages it shows on (2)

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