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Creating a Promotion List Carousel

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    Creating a Promotion List Carousel

    In SellerDeck 2014, a new feature known as a Promo List Carousel has been added. If you would like to set up the Carousel please see below:
    1. Open SellerDeck 2014
    2. Go to the location in which you would like to create the Carousel
    3. Right click on the Upper Level and ‘New Fragment’
    4. Once this has been created Select the Fragment and go to 'Fragment Details | Marketing'
    5. Tick ‘Enabled’ under Promo List
    6. You will then have a table, if you press the small ‘+’ in the top left of this table
    7. There will be 3 drop-downs:

      • Item Type – This is to give you a list of what you want to link to (Product, Section or Image)
      • Link To – This is where you select the page you want to link to
      • Image – This is the image you would like to show for this portion of the Carousel

    8. If you then go to 'Fragment Details | Layout' and set Fragment Layout (Responsive) to ‘Promo List Carousel' and Apply.
    9. The Carousel should now appear in Page Preview

    There are some additional settings which can control the width, time between transitions, maximum number of slides and the type of transition e.g Fade/Horizontal/Vertical. These are located just below the Table containing the Images/Links.
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