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18 May: completed upgrade of the Sellerdeck Community software. Please report any issues in this post.
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  • Facebook Integration

    In SellerDeck 2014 onwards, a new Facebook integration has been added. If you would like to set up the Facebook integration please see instructions below:
    1. Open SellerDeck 2014
    2. Go to 'Settings | Site Options | Social Media'
    3. Scroll to the “Facebook” sub-heading
    4. Within the Facebook Page field you would enter your Business profile page, for example you would enter SellerDeck.
    5. Once you have entered your business profile page, go to Apply & OK.
    6. Then check Page Preview to see if Facebook icon shows in the preview

    Additional Features:

    Facebook admin (Optional): This would be the personal page name of an admin of the page, this is optional however, this has to be a personal page ID.
    Show ‘Share’ Button: Setting this field to True would show a ‘Share’ button on the website on the majority of pages including Section, Product and Brochure pages.
    Show Follower Count: Setting this field to True would result in showing the Follower could next to the Facebook Like / Follow button.
    Show Like Counts: Setting this option to True would display the amount of people who have liked your page next to the Facebook Like button.
    Use Default Image: This is the image it will use if there is no image on the page and the customer decides to ‘Share’ it will share this image.
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