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How to export catalogue content using a layout

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    How to export catalogue content using a layout

    SellerDeck 2016 enables you to export data from your catalogue in almost any format just by creating a layout with the appropriate content. The XML site map added in SellerDeck 2016 is an example of a file generated in this way. This article describes how to generate others, and provides a simple example of a product list in CSV format.
    If the output is to be in XML format then you can simply add a layout to the 'XML Feeds' Library groups. For other formats you might want to create other groups. This example creates a CSV Export group and a generates a file in CSV format.
    1. First, open the SellerDeck Design Library by selecting 'Library' from the 'Design' menu, and click the 'Layout' tab.
    2. Right-click anywhere in the layout list and select ‘New Layout Type’ menu.
    3. Enter the Type Name 'CSV Export' and select 'Standard' and 'Outer Layout'.
    4. From the additional options which then appear, select 'Online Page'.

    5. Click 'OK'.
    6. Right-click the new Layout Type and select 'New Layout'. (You won't be inserting this layout into your site pages, so it doesn't need a Selector).

    7. Enter the name 'Product CSV Export' and click 'OK'
    8. Expand the 'CSV Export' group and double-click the new layout. Then paste in the following code:

      "Product Ref","Name","Description","URL","Image Filename","Price"
      <actinic:block type="EntireSectionList"><actinic:block type="ProductList" />"<actinic:variable encoding="actinic" name="ProductReference" />","<actinic:variable encoding="strip" name="ProductName" />","<actinic:variable encoding="strip" name="ProductDescription" />","<actinic:variable name="CatalogURL" /><actinic:variable name="ProductPageName" />","<actinic:variable name="ProductImageFileNameRaw" />","<actinic:variable name="ProductPriceRaw" />"
    9. To define a file to be generated from this layout, first click 'Edit Layout Details'.
    10. For the Online File Page Name enter 'products'csv'. If you want to upload the file to your site, change 'Online File Page Process Type' from 'None' to 'Upload'. In this case you can choose to upload to the site root or the online catalogue folder.

    Now each time you publish a change to your catalogue the file 'products.csv' will be generated and uploaded to your web site. A local copy of the file will be found in C:\ProgramData\SellerDeck\SellerDeck 2016\Sites\Site1\SiteHTML.

    Note for developers
    . The three settings in 'Edit Layout Details' create separate records in the DesignProperties table for the file name, process type and upload location. These records have nDesignItemId corresponding to the layout ID in DesignObjects.
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