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Enabling Google Analytics to Track Site Searches

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    Enabling Google Analytics to Track Site Searches

    The SellerDeck search script uses the URL parameter ‘SS’ to identify the keywords used in a search. This information can be captured and logged in Google Analytics, enabling you to track search terms and search patterns used by visitors within your site.
    Search term tracking must be set up separately for each View that you have in Google Analytics. To set it up, log into your Google Analytics account and do the following:
    1. Click ‘ADMIN’.
    2. Select the Account, Propery and View that you wish to configure, and click ‘View Settings’.
    3. Scroll down to ‘Site Search Settings’ and set ‘Site Search Tracking’ to ‘ON’.
    4. Enter ‘SS’ (without quotes) as the Query Parameter.
    5. Tick ‘Strip query parameters out of URL’.
    6. Click ‘Save’.

    To view the results, select any of the options under ‘Site Search’ in the ‘Behaviour’ section of the selected View in Google Analytics. Keywords are listed under ‘Search Terms'.