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Displaying Feefo feedback scores on a ‘5 star’ scale

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    Displaying Feefo feedback scores on a ‘5 star’ scale

    Feefo provide the option to show feedback scores on a ‘5 star’ scale. To do this, SellerDeck version 10 users will need to add a couple of new logo options to the Library.

    Version 11.0.0 and earlier
    1. Select ‘Library’ from the SellerDeck ‘Design’ menu
    2. Select the ‘Variables’ tab
    3. Click the ‘Feefo’ group to expand it (unless it is expanded already)
    4. Double-click the variable ‘FeefoSiteLogoType’
    5. Click the ‘Values’ tab
    6. Click the ‘New’ button and type ‘N232x77PS.png’
    7. Click the ‘New’ button again and type ‘N232x80PS.jpg’
    8. Click back to the ‘Basic Definition’ tab
    9. Click on the current setting for ‘Top Level Value’ (at the bottom of the dialog)
    10. Instead of the current value, select one of the two new images that you just entered
    11. Click ‘OK’
    12. Now double-click ‘FeefoProductLogoType’ and repeat steps 5-11
    13. Click ‘Close’

    Version 11.0.1 onwards
    1. Select ‘Site Options’ from the ‘Settings’ menu
    2. Select the ‘Layout’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Feefo’ section
    3. Change both the ‘Feefo Product Logo Type’ and the ‘Feefo Site Logo Type’ to either ‘N232x77PS.png’ or ‘N232x80PS.jpg’
    4. Click ‘OK’

    Now upload the site and your site and product feedback logos will show a 5-star scale instead of the Feefo default.
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