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Software crashes when selecting 'Best Sellers' under the 'Marketing' menu (version 8)

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    Software crashes when selecting 'Best Sellers' under the 'Marketing' menu (version 8)

    Normally the reason for this is that an entry in the 'Best Sellers' menu has been 'locked' and subsequently deleted.

    To resolve this you will need to open the database in Microsoft Access*.

    Browse to your Site** folder (If there is only one site within the software it will be called 'Site1', if there are multiple sites within the software you will need to browse to the site folder name corresponding to the current site you are using) and double click on the file called 'ActinicCatalog.mdb' (this should open the file in Microsoft Access), go into the table 'BestSellers' and make a note of each entry in the 'sProductRef' column, close Microsoft Access. Each entry that you have copied is the 'Product Reference' for each product within the 'Best Sellers' list.

    Open your version 8 software and go to 'Settings | Business Settings | Options' and (if not already done) remove the tick from 'Auto Generate Product Reference' and tick the box 'Show Product References When Editing Catalog' and click 'OK'.

    Right click on the 'Content Tree' and select 'Find', then enter each 'Product Reference' that you noted from the database, each one should find a product and as soon as it does move on to the next number in the list.
    If the search for a particular 'Product Reference' does not find a product. make a note of that product reference.

    Once you have worked through the list, take all of the product references that did not find a product and create 'dummy' products for them, then go to 'Marketing | Best Sellers' locate the 'dummy' products and remove the tick from the 'lock' tick box, change the field to 'Not Used' and click 'OK'.

    You can then remove the 'dummy' products and re-tick 'Auto Generate Product Reference' (if used) in 'Settings | Business Settings | Options'.

    * Microsoft Access is supplied as part of the 'Microsoft Office Professional' program suite, it is not supplied by SellerDeck.
    ** Depending on the installation option chosen or operating system used, the 'Site' folder can be found in either 'My Documents', 'Documents', 'Shared Documents' or 'Program Files' in the folder 'Actinic vX\Sites\' (with X replacing the version number).