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How do I show shoppers a list of the products they have recently viewed?

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    How do I show shoppers a list of the products they have recently viewed?

    To use this feature properly, each product on your site should have a page of its own. The easiest way to do this is by creating a separate subsection for each product. However on some sites with large numbers of products or very large sections, this may cause performance issues. In this case you can use Extended Information Pages instead. The method for this is described in the SellerDeck Advanced User Guide.
    1. Go to 'Marketing | Recently Viewed Products'.
    2. Select the 'Enabled' box.

    3. If you have used the Extended Information Page method for creating a page per product, untick ‘Add Product to List When a Section Page is Viewed’, and tick ‘Add Product to List When Extended Information Page is Viewed’ instead.
    4. If you want to show retail prices in the list, then tick ‘Show the Full Retail Price of Each Product in the List’. It is not possible to show customer-specific pricing.
    5. Click 'OK'.

    You can set the layout of the items in this list by going to the 'Layout' panel in 'Settings | Site Options', and choosing a value in the 'Recent Products Display' field. The default layout provides horizontal scrolling through the list, and in this case you vary the number of products displayed at a time by chaning the relevant setting in the above dialog.
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