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How do I monitor the stock level of a product?

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    How do I monitor the stock level of a product?

    SellerDeck has a stock control facility that is designed to help you keep track of how many of each product you are selling.
    Every time an order for a product is downloaded from your website, SellerDeck will reduce the stock level of that product.
    To enter a stock level for a product:
    1. Select a product in the tree.
    2. Change to the 'Stock' panel.
    3. Select the box labelled 'Stock Control / Monitoring'.

    4. Enter a stock level for this product in the 'Estimated Stock In Hand' field.
    5. From SellerDeck v10 onwards you can also choose to display actual stock quantities for this product on the web page, or just an ‘In stock’ message. The default settings for stock level display on the web site are controlled from the ‘Stock’ tab of the ‘Site Options’(‘Settings’ menu).
    6. Click 'Apply changes'

    You can see the stock levels of all your products in one go by going to 'Operation | Stock Levels'.
    From SellerDeck v10 onwards, stock levels are maintained in real time on the web site, and can be synchronised automatically with the desktop without the need for manual uploading and downloading. If you have upgraded from an earlier version, you will need to explicitly enable this feature:
    1. Select ‘Business Settings’ from the ‘Settings’ menu and select the ‘Options’ tab.
    2. Click the ‘Enable Online Stock Control’ radio button.
    3. Switch to the ‘Ordering’ tab.
    4. Tick the check box under ‘Automatic Stock
    Synchronisation’. Here you can also adjust the frequency of sync events between the desktop and the website.
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