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Using SellerDeck Business Plus with an additional RTS user

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    Using SellerDeck Business Plus with an additional RTS user

    SellerDeck Business Plus and SellerDeck Enterprise multi user systems are supplied with a separate module to handle the automatic synchronisation of stock between the local database and the web site.
    If the SellerDeck database is held on a PC that does not already have an instance of the SellerDeck software, such as a network server, then this module can be installed on the same machine to handle the stock synchronisation function. Having this function on the same physical machine as the database speeds up the process, and frees up client PCs for order processing and other functions.

    For more information about stock control and stock synchronisation see 'Stock Control' on page 63 of the 'Starter Guide' accessible from the 'Help' menu within the software.

    To install the SellerDeck RTS Key:
    1. Run the SellerDeck setup on the server, and license the software with the 'RTS Sync' licence key provided.
    2. Open the application by double-clicking the 'Actinic 10' icon on the desktop.
    3. Select 'Sites' from the 'File' menu.
    4. Click the 'Sites Directory' button.
    5. Browse to the directory where the SellerDeck database is held and select it.

    6. Click 'OK', then 'OK' again.
    7. Check that Stock Control and Automatic Stock Synchronisation are enabled, as described in the 'Stock Control' section.
    8. Log out, then log in as the user who is defined as the 'Stock Auto Sync Handler'. You will probably want to define a separate user just for this function.

    Regular stock synchronisation should now begin.

    PLEASE NOTE: This article is intended for use with version 10 or above of SellerDeck's ecommerce software.
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