Can I have sections in my store that only certain registered customers can see? They should only be visible within specific customer groups.

It is possible to have sections that only customers within certain customer groups will see online. To do this, you need to create a new section link template with a very specific format.

Go to 'Design | Library | Layouts' and locate the 'Section Links' group.

Right-click on any of the layouts there and select 'New Layout'. Call it 'Section Link for Registered Customers Only'.

Now double-click on this layout to edit it, and copy and paste the following code into it, in place of any existing code:

<Actinic:SHOWFORPRICESCHEDULE Schedules="2" HTML="<a href=<actinic:variable name="SectionPageName"/>><actinic:variable name="SectionName"/></a>"/>

You can then select this layout within the 'Section Link Layout' field in the 'Section' tab of any section that you want to be hidden.

You have to change the code in this template depending on which price schedule you want the section link to be visible within. The Schedules="2" value needs to be the ID of your desired price schedule. You can find this from the 'Price Schedules' table in the 'ActinicCatalog.mdb' database.

Note: This section really needs to be at the end of a list of sections, Otherwise unregistered customers will have a gap appearing where the link should be.