How do I limit the number of products that are shown per page online? I have a section with a large number of products, which takes a long time to load.

SellerDeck cannot automatically limit the number of products on each page of your site, you have to ensure that you only set the maximum number of products per section on the content tree. If you want to limit the page to say five products but have 15 that could be included in the section, you would have to create sub-sections and only create five products in each, eg:

SellerDeck then allows you to include links to 'previous' and 'next' sections (i.e. sections at the same level in the store - sometimes known as 'sibling sections').

To include a link to the previous section, insert the layout selector called 'PrevNextSectionLink' and use a fixed layout of 'Link To Previous Section'. For the link to the next section, the fixed layout you want to use is 'Link To Next Section'.

Here is some code to copy and paste:

<div style="float:left;">
<actinic:variable name="PrevNextSectionLink" value="Link to Previous Section" />
<div style="float:right;">
<actinic:variable name="PrevNextSectionLink" value="Link to Next Section" />

You could enter this into the 'End of List' field in the product list layout settings (ie 'Product List With Horizontal Dividers' - depends on the theme you are using).
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