There is an issue with version v9.0.4 JFJA where the software may crash if sections are dragged to a new location.

This can be resolved if you have a copy of 'Microsoft Access 2000'* (or later) by running an SQL query on the database to reset the content categories for each product.

Please close all SellerDeck software and backup your database first

* Browse to your Site** folder (If there is only one site within the software it will be called 'Site1', if there are multiple sites within the software you will need to browse to the site folder name corresponding to the current site you are using)
* Right click on 'ActinicCatalog.mdb', and select 'Open with | Microsoft Office Access'
* Go to ‘View | Database Objects | Queries’
* Click ‘New’
* Choose ‘Design View’
* Close the ‘Show Table’ window
* Go to ‘View | SQL View’
* Replace the contents of the window (usually SELECT with:

UPDATE Product SET Product.nContentCategory = IIf([nProductType]=2,6,2)
WHERE (((Product.nContentCategory) Is Null));

* Go to ‘Query | Run’
* Click ‘Yes’ when prompted about the rows you are updating
* Close the query and the database. You do not need to save it.

Alternatively if you do not have Microsoft Access, a visual basic script has been supplied that will run the SQL query for you, which can be downloaded from the 'Attachments' area below.

One you have downloaded the file unzip it, then open the extracted file in a plain text editor (such as 'Notepad' with 'Word Wrap' switched off).
You will find the top line: -

mydb = "C:\Users\<account name>\Documents\Actinic v9\Sites\Site1\ActinicCatalog.mdb"

you will need to edit this line to reflect the location of the software's main database on your machine, for example if you have installed the software to the default location on a MicroSoft Vista machine, you will only need to replace <account name> with the name of your account and 'Site1' with the appropriate site folder name if you have multiple sites within the software.

PLEASE NOTE: Be aware that if the you subsequently import products via an import file, the problem will re-occur as the default content category is empty.

People who use import files will need to add: -


to the definition of the product/fragment header, and a value of: -


for products and: -


for fragments within each product/fragment main import.

* Microsoft Access is supplied as part of the 'Microsoft Office Professional' program suite, it is not supplied by SellerDeck.
** Depending on the installation option chosen or operating system used, the 'Site' folder can be found in either 'My Documents', 'Documents', 'Shared Documents' or 'Program Files' in the folder 'Actinic vX\Sites\' (with X replacing the version number).