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Swift Theme Compatibility

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    Swift Theme Compatibility

    The Swift templates are compatible with Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.4 upwards.

    IMPORTANT: please note that the Swift templates are not currently compatible with:
    • Column counts in Subsection and Product Lists. (At full page width, Subsection and Product lists display in 4 columns, reducing to 3 when a sidebar is present, 2 and then 1 in smaller screens and narrower browser windows).
    • Shopping Modes 'Single Add to Cart Button per Page', 'Quantity on Confirmation Page' and 'Quantity in Shopping Cart' ('Design | Design Options and Product Details | Page Setting | Shopping Mode')
    • Legacy Sellerdeck Colour Schemes ('Design | Themes') – but see 'Changing Colours in Swift' below
    • Legacy social media 'Follow' and 'Share' buttons ('Site Options | Social Media')
    • Brochure Page List positions 'Left Side' and 'Right Side' ('Site Options | Design Wizard')
    • Wish List feature ('Business Settings | Ordering | Allow Customers to Create Wish Lists')

    Some or all of these may be supported in future versions.

    Swift – Compatible Layouts

    Where a site has layouts set below the Site Options level – eg different layouts set for different Sections, Products, Products Pages – importing the Swift templates will not change these settings. If your previous layouts are incompatible with Swift, you will need to change them manually.

    Where any of the following settings have been changed, the value should be reset to ‘Use Parent’:
    • Brochure Fragment List Layout
    • Bottom Sub Section List Layout
    • Main Product Area Layout
    • Section Fragment List Layout
    • Section Link Layout
    • Section Pagination Navigation Links
    • Top Sub Section List Layout
    • Filtered Product Layout
    • Product List Layout
    • Product Page Product Layout
    • Component List Layout

    Fragment Layout (Responsive)

    all of the following are compatible:
    • Subheading And Text Left Of Image
    • Subheading And Text Right Of Image
    • Main Heading Above Text Left Of Image
    • Main Heading Above Text Right Of Image
    • Text Left Of Image
    • Text Right Of Image
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