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Introduction to the Swift theme

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    Introduction to the Swift theme

    The Swift demo site is found here -

    Sellerdeck Swift is a new set of design templates based on Bootstrap, a well-known and widely used website design framework.

    As well as being based on an industry standard framework, these new templates incorporate many new implementations of best-practice web design and usability, offering a major step forward from any current or previous Sellerdeck theme.

    The new templates support all the powerful website functionality of Sellerdeck Desktop, whilst also offering a number of new functional elements such as product tabs and mobile burger menu.

    Sellerdeck Swift is available as an add-on to Sellerdeck v18 and is included in the Sellerdeck Cover or Desktop 365 Plus contracts.

    Sellerdeck’s goal is to continue to make further improvements in this template and release updates into the public domain.


    Sellerdeck offers support on the use and operation of Sellerdeck Limited products and services where a valid contract is in place.

    Using the Swift template may require support outside of the standard contract.

    Sellerdeck is committed to providing an excellent service, however, it cannot always provide appropriate support using the standard support service.

    It is recommended to raise a support query with questions related to Swift, however it is likely the response will explain the required resource is outside the standard support team and Sellerdeck’s Professional Services are appropriate.

    Accessing Support

    To access Sellerdeck support, please visit Sellerdeck Support

    There is also a community of Sellerdeck users and Partners who regularly post on the Sellerdeck forum, this includes a thread on Swift, please visit Sellerdeck Community

    You can also contact the support team on 0845 129 4848.

    Obtaining Support Contracts

    If you do not have a support contract through Cover or Desktop 365 Plus please contact an Account Manager on 0845 129 4888 option 3.

    Sellerdeck Professional Services

    Sellerdeck offers Professional Services for web design and development, including the implementation of the Swift Template. This can include full project builds or incremental work known as Change Requests.

    To enquire about this service please contact an Account Manager on 0845 129 4888 option 3.

    Sellerdeck Managed Hosting

    Page speed is becoming an increasingly important part of ecommerce. The impact of slow page load speeds can range from browser abandonment to a drop in search engine rankings.

    Sellerdeck’s Managed Hosting services are specifically for websites created using Sellerdeck software. We believe that the correct hosting package is critical to maximise your online sales and that’s why we’ve designed Sellerdeck Managed Hosting to contribute to your online success. Poor quality hosting for E-Commerce sites is a false economy and can cost you orders.

    When investing in a new website build, we recommend ensuring you are using either Sellerdeck’s Managed Hosting service or a Partner of Sellerdeck.

    To speak with a Sellerdeck Account Manager please call 0845 129 4888 option 3.

    Sellerdeck Payments

    Sellerdeck Payments is a processing system for secure online and offline payments for Sellerdeck Desktop.

    Powered by NMI, a robust and reliable infrastructure, Sellerdeck Payments offers the highest level of functionality of any secure internet payments system compatible with Sellerdeck products, at a highly competitive price. Please note that all contact about Sellerdeck Payments must be made directly to Sellerdeck and not via NMI.

    To speak with a Sellerdeck Account Manager please call 0845 129 4888 option 3.
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