There is a bug in ActiveState Perl 5.10.0 build 1004. The bug may also occur in other builds of 5.10.0 but it is not present in 5.8.9 build 825 (the previous Perl release).

The current release of Perl 5.10.0 build 1004 (at least the ActiveState version for Windows) causes scripts to fail. We do not know all of the scenarios as we cannot determine under which conditions the Perl bug occurs. One problem we have found is that a general script error may occur on pages using a single add to cart button when more than one item from that page is added to the basket. The error is:

A General Script Error Occurred
Error: Invalid section ID number.

Note that this error may be caused by other issues but it is worth checking the version of perl used on the server as a start to diagnosing the problem.

You can check the Perl version from SellerDeck in 'Help | Trouble Shooting | Web Site Analysis'.

SellerDeck reports '5.008009' for v5.8.9 (the latest working version of ActiveState Perl) and '5.010000' for v5.10.0 which has the bug.

If your server is running v5.10.0 then you should ask your hosting company to roll back to a working version.