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    This article lists the perl modules that are required to enhance the performance of an SellerDeck site.

    Perl 5.006 or higher:

    The following PERL modules should be installed (some/all may be installed as standard, itís entirely dependent on the host operating system):




    This is a light encryption module used heavily in the scripts. It improves the script performance especially for customer account enabled sites. See this article for more information.

    Crypt::SSLeay; Install the latest version if it is not already installed, currently Crypt::SSLeay v0.72.
    Net::SSL; Crypt::SSLeay will also install Net::SSL. Install the latest version if it is not already installed.
    This implements https communication with third party servers (e.g. UPS and some Payment Service Providers). See these articles Net:SSL and Crypt::SSLeay for more information.

    Required for compressed upload after 9.0.3. When this package is installed EC sends the html files compressed to the server improving the upload speed. If it's not available there will be no improvements on upload speed.

    The following SellerDeck modules should be installed:

    The binary version of the functions used for order blob encryption. It makes the order recording (last checkout phase) quicker. This module has to be obtained from SellerDeck and then compiled and installed.

    The PERL modules can be found in various package formats, depending on host operating system and version (RPMís for RedHat, as an example).

    You can test if a module is installed using the following at a command line (shell):

    perl -e "require File::Temp; print $@;"

    Change ĎFile::Tempí to the module you wish to test for. If the module is present nothing will be returned, if it is missing an error will be returned.

    Alternatively you could update the web site analysis scripts within the software using the article here - which will check the Perl modules on your web site
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