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Search Engine Optimisation Improvements in version 11

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  • Search Engine Optimisation Improvements in version 11

    Use of Hyphens in Page Names
    New sites will use hyphens (‘-‘) as the default separator rather than underscores (‘_’). This can be changed for any site within ‘Design | Options’

    Copied Pages now have Consecutive Names
    In previous versions, copying a section would result in the page name becoming ‘copy_of_section.html’. This could result in page names such as ‘copy_of_copy_of_copy_of…….’ In V11, the page name has a number appended to it, so copying a section with a page name of ‘Cameras.html’ becomes ‘Cameras-1.html’. Paste it again, the new page is called ‘Cameras-2.html’ and so on.

    Reduced Stylesheet Sizes for New Themes
    The new themes – ‘Academic’, ‘Edge’ and ‘Fresh’ use their own stylesheets. These can be found within the ‘Web Page Outer Layout’ group of the library. These new stylesheets pull in core styles via a selector.
    The benefit of this is reduced page load time. Page load time is now used to help determine page rank in Google.

    Company Name not Included in every Page Title
    The name of the company is not prefixed in front of the page title for each section. For instance, in V10 the camera’s section page title was displayed as ‘My Company Cameras’ where as in V11 it simply appears as ‘Cameras’.
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