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Error message: 'Your shopping cart is empty. Return to the Catalog ...'

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  • Error message: 'Your shopping cart is empty. Return to the Catalog ...'

    When I try checkout, I get an error, “Your shopping cart is empty. Return to the Catalog and add an item to your shopping cart before continuing.”

    If you are experiencing this error message when trying to checkout on your website, please see the solution below:

    This can occur when the ‘product visible’ tick box is un-ticked in the’ Prices’ tab of any product via ‘Product Details’. This is a bug in the software with reference of: SD-2451


    *You will need Microsoft Access to perform the below
    1. First make a backup of your site (File | Snapshot | Export Site)
    2. Close SellerDeck.
    3. Go to your sites folder, default (Documents -> SellerDeck 2013) and browse for a file called ‘ActinicCatalog.mdb’. This is your database. Open this in Microsoft Access by either right clicking and select ‘Open With’ or single click if file is defaulted to use Microsoft Access.
    4. Once your database has been opened in Microsoft Access, click the Queries button under Objects.
    5. Double-click Create query in Design view. Or click New in the Database window toolbar, click Design View (if it’s not already selected) and click OK.
    6. Close the Show Table box without adding any tables.
    7. Click the SQL view button on the toolbar.
    8. Replace the code with the below:

      DELETE ProductProperties.nType, ProductProperties.sString1, ProductProperties.sStatus 
      FROM ProductProperties 
      WHERE (((ProductProperties.nType)=4) AND ((ProductProperties.sString1) Is Null));
    9. Press the 'Run' button which is shown as an explanation mark in red. It is located on the toolbar where the save button is located. Or press Query -> Run. Then press yes to run the query
    10. Close the SQL query window and close the Access Database
    11. Open SellerDeck and perform a full refresh of your site via Web -> Refresh Website.
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