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After upgrading to v10.03 JavaScript elements fail

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    After upgrading to v10.03 JavaScript elements fail

    If you find that after upgrading to v10.03 of SellerDeck's ecommerce product parts of your site that use JavaScript (e.g. live chat, affiliate images etc.) it may be that the software's code parser has assumed that the code is a file to be uploaded and stripped the URL to leave the filename only, for example; the code should be: -


    yet within the software it is reduced to a relative call i.e.


    What you can do is change the code slightly so that it appears like this: -

    ("https")==0?"https":"http")+"://" + "." + "js?ps_n=BFuS&ps_r=

    Alternatively you can place all of your JavaScript in a separate file and add a link something like this: -

    <script type="text/javascript" src="somecode.js"></script>

    (in the example above 'somecode.js' is the name of the JavaScript file that you would create) in place of where your JavaScript code would normally go.
    Your SellerDeck software will only parse the link on the page and not the file itself, selecting it only for upload.

    PLEASE NOTE: This article has been provided by members of the SellerDeck community and is unsupported by SellerDeck.