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Applet does not appear when using Firefox etc.

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    Applet does not appear when using Firefox etc.

    When using the Java applet for credit card collection, Firefox users may not see the Java applet, instead they will see a small message 'Error - Click here for details'.

    This displays an error box saying 'The application failed to run - There was an error while executing the applicatin. Click "Details" for more information'.

    Clicking the details button they will see a long error message with a similar line to this towards the middle of the message: -

    'Caused by: open HTTP connection failed:'

    The problem is caused by the fact that the browser as substituted a forward slash for the full stop of the file extension and added a further '.class' at the end.

    To resolve this, please go to 'Design | Library | Layouts' and go down to the group 'Checkout Area' and expand it, then open the layout 'Java Applet'.

    Scroll down to line 5 where you will see the start of the line is: -

    <applet code="COM.Actinic.Catalog.EA.class"

    Please change this to read: -

    <applet code="COM.Actinic.Catalog.EA"

    and click 'OK'.

    Once you have done this, go to 'Web | Network Setup' and copy the contents of the field 'Path From CGI-BIN to Online Store Folder' and paste this into the 'Codebase' overwriting the existing contents, then click 'OK'.

    Once you have done this upload the site, and your customers should be able to operate it with any browser