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Customers cannot log in on Safari or Apple Ipad

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    Customers cannot log in on Safari or Apple Ipad

    There is an issue with Apple products where they capitalise the first letter entered into an input field.

    This means that if the login name for the registered customer is created in lowercase it will fail validation when entered using one of these devices.

    There is a workaround below that will change the 'login' field to become insensitive to case.

    Please go to 'Design | Library | Layouts' and scroll down to the group 'Checkout Area' and expand it and open the layout 'Scripts for Password Encryption'.
    Search for the code: -

    function SubmitLogin

    A few lines below that you will see the code: -

       var sUserName = document.forms[nIndex].USER.value;  // Get user name
    replace this code with: -

       var sUserName = document.forms[nIndex].USER.value.toLowerCase();
       document.forms[nIndex].USER.value = sUserName;   // Get user name
    Save the file and update the web site for the changes to take place.

    This will not work if the user name in 'Customer Accounts' has any uppercase letters.