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My images don't show on the website - I get a little red cross instead.

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    My images don't show on the website - I get a little red cross instead.

    Try the following:

    1. Check that the images exist in the path specified in the software (ie 'image.jpg' means that the file should be in the root of the 'Site1' (or equivalent) folder, whereas 'images/image.jpg' means that the image should be in a sub-folder called 'images' in the 'Site1' (or equivalent) folder).

    2. If your images are outside of the 'Site1' folder, move them into Site1, change pathnames within product dialog box to 'image.jpg' - without any folder/pathname. Alternatively, move all images to a folder called 'images' within Site1, thus all images will be referenced 'images/image.jpg'

    3. Go to the website, right click on a missing image, and select 'Properties'. Examine the pathname for the image - make sure it doesn't have a pathname to the C drive on your PC. If so, then point 2 above should help.

    4. Check you have the correct extension on the file ie is your image called 'image.gif' but you've referenced it as 'image.jpg'

    5. Sometimes you need to add the image filename to 'Design | Additional Files' especially when you are calling the file from a non standard page or have hard-coded the reference to the image directly into a layout.

    6. Check the file is only gif, jpg or png

    7. Check that you can open the image in image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and that the image is an RGB image.

    8. Check the file is a sensible size ie 2-100Kb