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When searching for a product, the link goes to the top of the page.

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    When searching for a product, the link goes to the top of the page.

    The most common reason for this is that the variable that controls the anchor or 'bookmark' for the product has been edited.

    The code that is affected is in the product layout used for the site and is shown in the red box in the image below: -

    What can happen is that there has been an attempt to edit the style or colour of the product name using the 'Edit Appearance' entry in the right click menu.

    When the code is edited in this way, it may not be apparent what or where the code has been edited, for example; in the image below the code in the green box is unedited and works correctly and the code in the red box has been edited an displays the anchor error: -

    In order to see what has happened here you will need to click the 'Advanced View' button this will display the code in text mode so that the entire code can be seen as below: -

    The differences can now be clearly seen. In lines 10 and 11 the code: -


    and in line 14: -


    While this is perfectly legitimate in lines 11 and 14 as they are display elements (the 'product name' and 'product reference'), it is not on line 10 as this is a URL and the inclusion of the formatting elements prevents the correct operation of the code.

    Remove the code so that it is displayed as: -

    HTML Code:
    <a name="<Actinic:Variable Name="EncodedProductAnchor"/>">
    and click 'Apply'.

    You can then click the 'Advanced View' button again to return the layout to the 'Simple' view and click 'OK' to close it.

    Once you have uploaded the site the changes will bring the anchor back into operation.
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