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Cancelling and crediting EU orders that have incorrect VAT charges

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    Cancelling and crediting EU orders that have incorrect VAT charges

    It is possible that currently orders may have been received from the EU that are charged at the UK VAT rate.

    Effectively what will need to happen is the order will either need to be adjusted or cancelled and a new order created with the correct tax rate.

    If the order has used Sellerdeck Payments or PayPal, and has more than one item within the order, then a partial refund can be carried out from within the software.

    To do this you just open the order, go to the 'Totals' tab, make a note of the 'Tax 1' value, then go to the 'Payments' tab, click the 'Refund' button and enter the value you noted and click 'OK'. This will correctly credit the customer with the amount they have been incorrectly been charged for VAT.

    If there is only one item in the order or the Payment Service Provider is not Sellerdeck Payments or Paypal, then the order will have to be voided or partially refunded at the Payment Service Provider's online administration panel.

    Once this has been done, the new VAT tax has to be created for EU countries and a new order must be created using the correct (0%) VAT rate charged. Once this has been done, the original order can be completed or deleted as required.

    The new order can be created in the 'New Order' tab within the software, or by going to 'Operations | New Order' where you will be guided through the steps to create the new order.

    To do this, firstly go to 'Settings | Business Settings | Payment and Security' and go to the 'Payments' grid and click the + at the top of the grid to create a new line. Click into that new line, and select a non-PSP payment method such as 'Invoice With Order' and tick the box 'Desktop' only, so that it looks like the image below and click 'Apply' : -

    Click image for larger version  Name:	InvWiOrd.png Views:	0 Size:	246.5 KB ID:	553539

    This will then ensure that this payment method appears for the desktop order creation facility only.

    Then, go to the 'Order Processing' tab and tick the box 'Enable Data Entry Reports' and click 'OK'.

    Go to the 'Orders' tab within the software and then to the EU orders that need to be corrected and right click on them selecting 'Data Entry Report', this will print a report of all of the details of the order, and will enable you to enter the details into the new order correctly.

    Select the 'New Order' tab, this will display the MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) form which will enable you to re-create the order from the 'Data Entry Report'. There is also a 'Comment' field there which will enable you to add details of what has been done, and any extra details such as original transaction numbers from the actual payment and anything relevant from the 'Data Entry Report'.

    The new order will now use the new VAT details for the EU and charge VAT at 0%.

    Once you have done this you can complete the order as you would do normally, with the exception that you will need to go to the 'Payments' tab within each order click on the 'View Payments' button, see below: -

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PaymentsTab.png Views:	0 Size:	68.7 KB ID:	553540

    In the next box click the 'New Entry' button, this will create an entry in the window at the top of the box, then go to the 'Transaction' drop down field and change it to 'Credit Card Debit' (or the appropriate method used in the original order) and click 'OK', it should then look like the image below, this will mark the order as 'Full Payment Received'.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PaymentHistory.png Views:	0 Size:	277.4 KB ID:	553542

    Return to the original order, right click on it and select 'Copy Order Number to the Clipboard', then return to your new order, once again go to the 'Payments' tab and click 'View Payments' and paste the order number from the original order into the 'Comment' field.

    Once you have created all of these orders from the originals, go to 'File | Snapshot | Export Site' and create a full snapshot of the site with the original and new orders. This will be a complete electronic record of the orders.

    You can then either choose to complete the orders or delete them as you see fit.
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